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Georgina Island First Nation
September 18, 2023

The Impact Assessment Agency of Canada Process: A Quick Overview

The Impact Assessment Agency of Canada (IAAC) plays a crucial role in ensuring that proposed projects are thoroughly examined before moving forward.

GIFN has elected to engage in the IAAC process to proactively mitigate the impact of the Fixed Link on Lake Simcoe. A significant volume of studies has been completed, and more are in progress. Our objective is to fulfill all IAAC criteria by submitting essential third-party studies and assessments proactively, showcasing our commitment to meeting their standards and conducting the necessary research. However, even more important to our community is the importance of respecting and preserving Lake Simcoe for generations to come.

We are dedicated to prioritizing environmental preservation for future generations. Our commitment to this process involves comprehensive fieldwork, Indigenous Knowledge integration, and a focus on demonstrating the net positive impacts of the Fixed Link to the health and safety of our community.

The Impact Assessment Process Explained

  1. Project Proposal: The journey begins with the project proponent submitting a detailed description of their project.
  2. Engagement and Planning: The agency engages with Indigenous groups, the public, and other stakeholders to gather insights and concerns.
  3. Assessment: Experts assess the potential impacts of the project on various aspects, such as air and water quality, biodiversity, and more.
  4. Consultation: The public and Indigenous communities have a chance to voice their opinions, ensuring diverse perspectives are considered.
  5. Decision Time: The agency compiles recommendations based on the assessment and consultations, and the government decides whether the project should proceed.
  6. Monitoring: If approved, ongoing monitoring ensures that the project adheres to commitments and minimizes negative effects.

For a helpful primer on this process, the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada has created the video below.

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