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Georgina Island First Nation
June 23, 2023

Recap: GIFN Fixed Link Project Public Engagement Session

As a key element of the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada engagement requirements, a Public Engagement Session was conducted for the Georgina Island Fixed Link project on June 23, 2023. The session informed the mainland community of the project progress, insights from the technical team and invited feedback from approximately 55 attendees.

Engagement Highlights

The session covered key aspects of the Fixed Link project:

  1. Project Progress: Attendees were updated on the pre-feasibility planning for the Fixed Link project, along with its historical context and collaboration with the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada (IAAC).
  2. Expert Insights: Experts in bridge and tunnel engineering were present to enrich the discussion with their specialized knowledge and experiences, shedding light on technical nuances.
  3. Community Participation: Attendees actively engaged, expressing opinions, asking questions, and raising concerns related to the project.

The engagement session promoted a two-way dialogue and was held to foster understanding and an open dialogue between the project team and the community. The session reaffirmed the project team's dedication to responsible planning and incorporating community interests.

A full video of the engagement session is available to watch below.

A full summary of the question and answers provided is available to read here.

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