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Georgina Island First Nation Fixed Link Project Secretariat
April 11, 2024

Recap: GIFN Fixed Link Project January 24, 2024, Technical Town Hall

On January 24, 2024, a Technical Town Hall for the Georgina Island Fixed Link Project was held. This engagement session, integral to the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada (IAAC) process, offered an update on the project's status, detailed technical insights from our expert team, and a platform for public feedback. It attracted approximately 85 participants.

Thank you to all participants for attending and for their input. We are committed to continuing this constructive and transparent dialogue. Key highlights included:

  • Technical Insights Presentation: An in-depth look at the project's technical aspects aimed at demystifying complexities and enhancing community understanding.
  • Q&A: An open forum for attendees to engage directly with the project's technical experts, fostering a transparent and informative dialogue.

Viewing and Reading Materials:

  • A full video recording of the session is available below, with added annotations clarifying specific points discussed.
  • For a comprehensive overview of the questions and answers exchanged during the event, a detailed summary document has been prepared.

Important Corrections and Clarifications:

Clarification on Permits:

  • At around the 21:05 mark, there was mention of required permits from the Lake Simcoe Regional Conservation Authority (LSRCA). We want to clarify that while LSRCA offers technical advice and recommendations, it does not have jurisdiction over the project. If required, permits would be sought from other regulatory bodies, with potential needs under the Public Lands Act or the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act being explored through ongoing discussions with regulatory authorities.

Clarification on IAAC's Role:

  • Around the 18:00 mark, a statement suggested no additional permits were needed beyond those from the IAAC. It's important to correct that the IAAC, while a key federal body assessing environmental impacts, does not preclude the necessity for other permits. The project may require further provincial and municipal approvals, which will be pursued following the IAAC's initial assessment and guidance.

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