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Georgina Island First Nation
June 23, 2023

Recap: Georgina Island Fixed Link Project Lake Simcoe Stakeholders Engagement Session

During the June 23, 2023, Georgina Island Fixed Link Project Lake Simcoe Stakeholders’ Information Session, the main objective was to offer an update on the initial pre-feasibility planning for the Fixed Link initiative and establish connections with Lake Simcoe Stakeholder Organizations. The session covered a comprehensive overview of the project's history and the technical studies conducted thus far. These studies included geological assessments, geophysical analysis, traffic studies, pre-feasibility studies, and infrastructure requirements. Experts from WSP specializing in bridge and tunnel engineering shared their insights regarding the technical details of the project.

Attendees included representatives from the following organizations:

  • AWARE Simcoe
  • Barrie Métis Council
  • Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority
  • Nature Barrie
  • Ontario Water Centre
  • Regional Municipality of York
  • South Lake Simcoe Naturalists (Ontario Nature)
  • Town of Georgina

Engagement Highlights

The session covered key aspects of the Fixed Link project:

  1. Project Overview and Context: The session provided an overview of the Fixed Link project's significance. Attendees discussed the unique value of sand islands in Lake Simcoe and the sensitive Holland River area. Historical and social context, such as the displacement of Indigenous communities, was acknowledged
  2. Technical and Feasibility Insights: Technical studies, including geological assessments and traffic studies, were discussed. Experts from WSP offered insights into bridge and tunnel engineering.
  3. Stakeholder Engagement and Concerns: Stakeholder organizations, including First Nations groups, conservation authorities, and municipalities, were actively engaged in providing feedback and addressing concerns. The impact on community health, social well-being, and water quality, along with the need for equitable access, were discussed.
  4. Project Timeline and Other Details: The timeline for the project's ecological work and addressing key issues was outlined. Practical considerations, such as ferry operations, mainland developments, and session locations, were discussed in relation to the project's implementation and engagement process.

A full video of the engagement session is available to watch below and the presentation given during that session can be found here. A full summary of the questions asked during the session and answers provided is available to read here.

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