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Georgina Island First Nation
November 15, 2023

GIFL Project: Preliminary Assessment of Geotechnical Conditions

A desktop geotechnical study was conducted to gather data on the ground conditions in the project area, utilizing previous geotechnical investigations and geological maps/reports.  

Based on this available information and geological references, a preliminary ground model/profile was established. This model also informed the development of preliminary geotechnical design parameters for the various layers identified.

Accordingly, geotechnical recommendations were made for the most suitable foundation option for the proposed bridge: drilled concrete caissons socketed in rock, considering the design loads of the caissons.

Additionally, a stability assessment of the proposed causeway configurations was carried out. This was to ensure they would perform satisfactorily against slope/shear failures in both the causeway body and the underlying soils.

These recommendations are expected to be verified and refined following a project-specific ground investigation, which will aim to obtain detailed information on ground stratigraphy and the engineering properties of different subsurface soils.

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