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Georgina Island First Nation
November 14, 2023

GIFL Project: Noise Impact Assessment

WSP conducted a Noise Impact Assessment for the proposed Georgina Island Fixed Link (GIFL) that seeks to establish a connection between Georgina Island and the mainland to evaluate the potential noise during both the construction and operational phases. The Noise Impact Assessment Report summarizes the assessment's findings.

Utilizing advanced computerized noise predictive models, the study measured the noise implications for the future operation and construction stages of the GIFL, aiming to understand its impact on nearby noise-sensitive land uses.

The findings were then assessed against established noise guidelines provided by Health Canada (Guidance for Evaluating Human Health Impacts in Environmental Assessment: NOISE, 2017) and the combined protocols of the Ontario Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks and the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MECP/MTO Joint Protocol – A Protocol for Dealing with Noise Concerns During the Preparation, Review and Evaluation of Provincial Highway’s Environmental Assessments, 1986).

These guidelines also suggest examining the possible effects of low-frequency noise. Specific Points of Reception (POR) were selected to ensure a thorough assessment to represent the noise-sensitive land uses.

The assessment concluded that the projected maximum noise levels during the bridge's operation would be within acceptable limits at the nearest noise-sensitive locations, negating the need for further noise control measures. Recommendations were made to keep the Sand Islands closed during construction and to confine construction activities to regular daytime working hours (approximately 10 hours).

Additionally, the study confirmed that low-frequency noise would not be a concern.

The next phase involves a detailed assessment of the impact on aquatic species, particularly during the pile foundation phase.

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