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Georgina Island First Nation
May 4, 2022

GIFL Environmental Principles: Honouring Tradition and the Environment

The Chippewas of Georgina Island First Nation (GIFN) have embarked on a transformative journey that honours their heritage, respects the environment, and seeks to create a sustainable link between their community and the mainland. This endeavour, known as the Georgina Island Fixed Link Project, is guided by a set of environmental principles deeply rooted in tradition and respect for the natural world. These principles serve as a guiding light for the project's development, ensuring that the Chippewas of GIFN uphold their responsibility as stewards of Mother Earth.

A Living Framework

At the heart of the project lies a framework that outlines the principles that will govern every facet of the Fixed Link Project. This framework serves as a living document that community leadership, staff, members, advisors, and service providers must abide by. Its purpose is to ensure that the entire project is conducted with transparency, accountability, and a deep respect for Mother Earth.

Principles Rooted in Tradition

Central to GIFN are the Seven Grandfather Teachings—guiding principles that have been passed down through generations. These teachings—love, respect, bravery, truth, honesty, humility, and wisdom—form the foundation of the community's values and worldview. It is within the context of these teachings that the environmental principles for the Fixed Link Project were developed.

Translating Tradition into Action

The Seven Grandfather Teachings are not merely abstract concepts but tangible values that inform every step of the Fixed Link Project. From the smallest tasks, such as printing materials, to the grandest engineering endeavours, all aspects of the project must align with these teachings. GIFN is deeply committed to applying these teachings as a core value system within the environmental framework.

Caring for the Earth and Future Generations

At the heart of the environmental principles lies the concept of caretaking and the responsibility of ensuring our actions leave a positive legacy for the next Seven Generations. This long-term perspective underlines the need for sustainability, respect, and mindfulness in every decision made throughout the project.

A Journey of Evolution

The community of Georgina Island First Nation recognizes that this document is not static. Just as the Earth evolves, so too must their approach. The principles laid out in this framework are open to evolution and revision as needed, reflecting a commitment to continuous improvement and a deep reverence for the ever-changing world around them.

If you're interested in delving deeper into the comprehensive Environmental Principles document, we invite you to read it in its entirety. Visit this link to explore the principles that guide the Fixed Link project.

The Seven Grandfather Teachings
Illustration: Chief Lady Bird and Aura Last

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