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Georgina Island Fixed Link Secretariat
January 22, 2024

GIFL Project: Terrestrial Existing Conditions Report

The objectives of the ecological studies have been to establish a thorough understanding of the existing terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems within the project study area in order to avoid or minimize impacts to significant and sensitive features and to inform the design and mitigation recommendations as the project progresses. The following list outlines the terrestrial ecological investigations that have been undertaken.  

Terrestrial Investigations: 

  1. Wetland Boundary Delineation
  2. Surface Water Drainage
  3. Vegetation Classification and Botanical Inventory
  • Ecological Land Classification and Vegetation Inventory
  • Butternut Survey and HealthAssessment
  1. Avian Surveys
  • Breeding Bird Surveys
  • Grassland Bird Surveys
  • Eastern Whip-poor-will Surveys
  • Waterfowl Nesting Area Surveys
  • Least Bittern Surveys
  • Winter Raptor Surveys
  • Raptor Stick Nest Survey
  • Woodland Raptor Nesting Surveys
  • Bald Eagle and Osprey Nesting, Foraging and Perching Habitat Surveys
  • Waterfowl and Shorebird Stopover and Staging Area Surveys
  • Gull Nesting Surveys
  • Pileated Woodpecker Habitat Surveys
  1. Amphibian Calling Surveys
  2. Snake Surveys
  • Visual Encounter Surveys
  • Artificial cover Object Surveys
  1. Turtle Surveys
  • Turtle Basking Surveys
  • Turtle Nesting Surveys
  • Road Surveys
  1. Mammal Surveys
  • Bat Maternity Roost Surveys
  • Bat Acoustic Surveys
  1. Insect Surveys
  2. Winter Wildlife Surveys
  3. Terrestrial Crayfish Surveys
  4. Habitat-Based Wildlife Surveys
  5. Culturally Significant Species Surveys

The results of these investigations are documented in the Terrestrial Existing Conditions Report and will be appropriately summarized in the Detailed Project Description (DPD) submitted to IAAC. The ecology teams are working closely with the design team to ensure ecological features and functions are protected to the extent feasible.

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