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Georgina Island First Nation
November 9, 2023

Georgina Island First Nation Initiates Seven Generations Financial Review with BDO Canada for Fixed Link Project

Georgina Island First Nation (GIFN) has selected BDO Canada LLP, a leading national accounting and advisory firm, to conduct a comprehensive financial evaluation for the Georgina Island Fixed Link project.

This decision reflects the First Nation’s commitment to align the project's financial strategy with the community's best interests, ensuring benefits that will extend to the generations to come.  The youth of the GIFN community are keen to understand the lasting financial legacy that this project will have on the First Nation's finances, well beyond construction. BDO has been engaged to undertake this important research and financial modelling. 

BDO's Indigenous Services practice has been recognized across Canada for its depth of understanding and respect towards the unique concerns of Indigenous communities. GIFN leadership looks forward to working closely with BDO Canada and its membership throughout this important process in order to make the Fixed Link a reality for the community.

The Fixed Link is not just infrastructure; it is a lifeline that will provide GIFN with a dependable connection to the mainland and consistent access to essential services such as health care, mental health services, education, and employment opportunities. It is a path towards a future where equal access and opportunity shape the lives of the Georgina Island First Nation's present and future generations.

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